Archmage Xylem’s Random Tasks

A while ago, a friend directed me towards the Image of Archmage Xylem, and a series of quests involving some rather random puzzles.  It seems that he’s meant for mages only, so I had to pretend to be a mage by approaching him wearing a dingy Wizard’s Hat.  After the errands he and his apprentices set me, he took me off to Arcane Pinnacle for the interesting quests..

Watch Your Step was the first of these, which had me being propelled up the ledges by magical jump pads while tagging conduits and trying to avoid detonations that would send me flying off the edge and into the water.  This was more tricky than expected and I got thrown into the water a few times!

I could have flown up instead, but that would have been cheating 😉

Once at the top, there were three more trials: the Trial of Fire, the Trial of Frost and the Trial of Shadow.
The Trial of Fire required hopping around over runes while avoiding the fire..

As there was a little bolt of fire travelling to each rune that would be on fire next, it was easy to see which were clear, and therefore safe to stand on for the next round of fire.

The Trial of Frost was next, and more difficult than the Trial of Fire.  This was set on a plateau which had three spheres which put out a frost burn affect, and frost runes on the ground which you could stand on to be propelled upwards.  The challenge was in collecting 20 stacks of Essense of Ice, which could be collected from Frost Orbs which appeared around the hazards.

I found the rotating frost burn effects hard to avoid, especially as I couldn’t out-run them.. fortunately they only removed one stack of Essence of Ice per hit.  The frost runes were mostly beneficial, though I did get thrown when I didn’t want to a few times, landing in the path of the frost burn.
Eventually I picked up enough stacks to complete the challenge 🙂

After that, I expected the Trial of Shadow to be more difficult, but it was surprisingly easy.  Once a Weeping Soul was summoned, it came straight for me in a nice predictable line.. this made them very easy to lead over rune traps!

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