An Addition to the Guild

A friend moved his Shaman over to our server tonight, to join our guild and play with us 🙂

To help him out a little, we went over to Zul’Drak with him, and through Gundrak a few times..
Not only did this give him lots of XP, it also gave me plenty of loot, which will go some way to making up for the thousands of gold I’ve spent on herbs for Inscription over the last week 😉

It was also rather good fun, and allowed me to take a proper look around the dungeon as we went, rather than having to speed through because randoms are impatient.

I also remembered that I was carrying a Blossoming Branch from the Noblegarden event..

I had kept hold of one of these so that I could surprise a friend at some point, and this just seemed like the perfect time 🙂

Bunnies can apparently still do Heroic Leap, which is quite funny to see.  They also fit in the side-car of the Mechano-Hog!

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