AiRace Speed Q&A

We were recently given the opportunity to put some questions to QubicGames, developers of AiRace Speed!

AiRace Speed

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do at QubicGames?

Hi, I am Mikael Bourget, Public Relations Manager at QubicGames. I am the one who makes sure that people get info about our games.

QubicGames is an independent video games development studio located in Warsaw, Poland.  We have a decade of experience in creating games on console, handheld and mobile devices.
Our team counts 16 dedicated and really friendly members and we have released over 10 games for Nintendo and mobile platforms including the successful and critically acclaimed AiRace series.
The Nintendo systems we have created games on are DS, DSi, Wii and 3DS.
You can find more information about QubicGames on our official site:

If you’re interested, there’s a short presentation of each member of the team there:

What was the most challenging aspect of development?

One of the biggest challenges was to handle the stereoscopic effect, which gives the unique 3D perspective.

Combined with the high-quality graphics, the 3D effects of AiRace Speed put the players in the middle of the action.  For us it was a really crucial point because we believe that the visual experience is extremely important for this game. Visually we want to deliver adrenaline and set the best conditions for the players to enjoy flying their jets with tight controls.

A good 3D effect must be in the same time strong and clear.  It must be impressive but not disturbing. It isn’t an easy thing to implement.  And for each game it needs to be thought in a relevant way.  We’ve already used the 3D effect for our game 2 Fast 4 Gnomz.  But using it for AiRace Speed was a completely new challenge.  It is necessary to have an extremely clear display of the environment when flying at very high speeds inside tunnels.  The player should be able to entirely focus on his attempt of flying as fast as possible.

We had to design the levels with this in mind.  For example, it was necessary to properly balance the contrasts and the colors.  If you wish to know more about the development of the game, we invite you to read the “Behind the Scenes” articles posted on the AiRace Speed website:

Are there any plans to bring AiRace Speed to the Wii U?

We want to get games from AiRace series on other platforms, including eventually Nintendo Wii U.  Let’s see what we’ll decide, today it’s too early to set projects in stone.
The Wii U is a fantastic console and we are confident that sales will increase along with the number of available games, made by big and small developers.  We are already authorized developers for it.  We have the devkits and we currently prepare our own game engine C-Way to feature the proper technology to handle development on Wii U.

What we can say for sure is that we are going to release AiRace Speed for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

In AiRace, players race against other planes, whereas in AiRace Speed, players compare themselves against others via leaderboards.  Can you tell us about the decision to remove multiplayer for AiRace Speed?

I wouldn’t say that we remove the multiplayer from AiRace Speed.  It has just never been existing.  We have designed AiRace Speed to be a time trial racing game which focuses on speed, 3D immersion and tricky sci-fi tracks.  We didn’t want it to be a race against direct competitors where the objective is to be the first at the finish line.
AiRace Speed is designed from the beginning to deliver this very specific solo challenging gameplay.  And then, as you said, to let you compare your skills with others via the leaderboards.

Can you tell us whether there any plans for adding extra content (more levels, new jets) to the game later?

It would be too early to make such plans.  The game has been released recently and we are now looking at people’s feedback.

What’s next for the AiRace series, and for QubicGames?

Creating a game with an open multiplayer air racing style, more like AiRace on DSi, is a serious option for us.  But like I said previously we first want to see how the reception of AiRace Speed is.

Otherwise we have several projects on the way, and not only on the racing field or on Nintendo platforms.  What I can say for sure is that you’ll hear about us soon!

Thank you for joining us today!

My pleasure!

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