A Weekend’s Gaming

Most of the weekend was spent playing games (Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and Orcs Must Die!), with a little spent outside in the sun, and some TV time thrown in as well.  I’d call that a good weekend 🙂

We had decided to get together and try out the multiplayer demo for Mass Effect 3.

We were surprised how much fun it was.. well, for those of us who could get the thing to run.  Tim’s game crashed on launch no matter what he tried.. when we eventually get this game, it will certainly be on the console now.

The multiplayer demo consists of up to four-player co-op against waves of Cerberus agents, with objectives to complete; such as taking out specific agents, or hacking computer terminals.  Hacking was maybe the easiest objective as it worked so long as you were in range, and we were able to use cover while this happened.

When a player is knocked down, they have a short time in which they can be revived by a teammate.. unless a Cerberus agent comes and stomps on them, of course.  We found this to be a little unpredictable.. sometimes they stomped when the time was virtually up, or when there were no remaining team-mates, and at other times an agent appeared almost immediately to put the boot in.

Throughout play you gain experience points, used to level up your character’s skills, and credits, which you use to buy booster packs in the store.  Booster packs contain a variety of random goodies.. weapons, upgrades, extra customisation options, and even races.  Recruit Packs cost 5k credits, while Veteran Packs cost 20k.. but are more likely to contain rarer unlocks in them.

We all started with a slightly different selection of races: I had a human male for each class, and unlocked a human female later on, while another friend got himself a Krogan.. it was rather funny to see him charging headfirst at enemies 🙂

I’ve seen BioWare’s feedback threads contain plenty of people complaining about the race unlocks; but at the moment, I quite like them.  It means everyone doesn’t start off with exactly the same race and class.. variety is good!  It also rewards you for playing more.. though I don’t think you need extra rewards if the game is good!

I also played rather a lot of Robot Entertainment‘s Orcs Must Die!, trying to get 5 Skulls on all the maps I’ve completed this far.. trying to beat certain friends’ high scores too 😀

I’ve been using different traps, too.. going for combos to get those higher scores.  I thought I was doing pretty well until I looked at the global leaderboards!

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