A Virus Named TOM Infecting PS Vita!

A Virus Named TOM is still contagious.. as a matter of fact, AVNT will be infecting the Sony Vita and PlayStation Mobile certified devices this summer!

AVNT is spreading!

To celebrate the impending doom, AVNT will be 50% off on Steam and at aVirusNamedTom.com from Friday 15th Feb through until the 21st.  So if your loved one wasn’t happy with their chocolates and flowers, give them a virus!

In other news, Misfits Attic has been working on a few prototypes on the side.  The first one is described as Chess and Magic the Gathering having a baby in a dungeon, for now, entitled “Chess the Gathering”.  The team has been posting design videos about the paper prototype and hope to have a digital prototype up for fans to play in a few weeks!

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