Back from Holidays

Just spent a fantastic 10 days with friends in the Netherlands, seeing the sights, eating out, and relaxing, watching a bunch of TV shows and playing some games on the PS3, including Guitar Hero, all on the projector which took up a large portion of one wall!  Our 26″ TV feels small now..

There were also some new shows for me to sink hours on: Big Bang Theory, Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother.  I don’t know how I missed these, but I’m going to catch up, time permitting.  We also caught up a bit with Heroes, and spent many hours watching House, curled up on the couch with a cozy American quilt and sometimes a small tortoiseshell handwarmer too 🙂

Quite enjoyed playing Worms on the PS3 too, getting a little competitive but still loads of fun.  We’ll be picking that up shortly ourselves, but otherwise we’re putting spending on hold for a bit.  We spent rather a lot 🙂

We also have some more outgoings, though due to a much less fun reason than holiday..
We arrived home at midnight, to find our boiler has packed in – no hot water and no central heating!  One very cold house.. and to cap that, when it came to calling the gas man, we found the landline isn’t working either..

Earliest we can get anybody out to either the boiler or landline is Monday!  So till then, we might well be playing more Wii games to keep warm!

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