12 is Better Than 6 – Rat King Perk

Gamers can now test Ink Stains Games’ 12 is Better Than 6 new pre-alpha that introduces the player to the almighty Rat King Perk! Why cower from a hail of bullets, when your TNT laden rodent can clear the way?

Rat King Perk

With 15 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign and with £6,463 in funding, there’s still time to grab a copy of the game from just £4/$6.

“The feedback from players, streamers and journalists has been incredibly valuable. We will be implementing a variable difficulty setting and twin stick controller support.” said Anton Grischenko, lead programmer at Ink Stains Games. “To say thank you to everyone, we want to let everyone play our latest build and lay waste some true devastation, with the incredible Rat King perk. We listen to everyone, so if you’ve played our game and want to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.”

To be judged by 12 means that you get to go to court, where you’ll be judged by a jury of 12 people who will ultimately decide upon your fate.

To be carried by 6 is to be dead. Why? You see, it is common for 6 people to carry a coffin (3 people on each side) to and from the hearse.

About 12 is Better Than 6

North America, 1873, is a lawless, cruel land. A wrongly incarcerated man is attempting to escape prison to wreak havoc on those who sought to do wrong against him and exact his revenge.

  • Our hero would rather kill someone and go to jail for it than be killed and have to be buried.
  • Unique shooting mechanics – you will need to cock the revolver after each shot
  • Challenging difficulty – player’s reflexes and abilities will be tested to the limit. Bullets are deadly, and enemies rarely miss
  • Hand-drawn visuals – drawn by hand on pen and paper, to provide a truly unique visual experience
  • Choose your play style – stealth or all guns blazing, it’s up to you
  • Authenticity – the game is set in real places, complete with sleazy saloons, Native American colonies, and traveling caravans
  • Weaponry – only the greatest weapons of the period are used in game. Winchesters, revolvers, double barreled-shotguns and even Gatling guns

About Ink Stains Games

Ink Stains Games – a small independent game studio, consisting of three people – each experts in their field.  Passionate, hard working and are striving to develop their first game, dynamic top-down kill-everyone shooter.

Check out the Kickstarter and pledge from just £4 to get the game at release and support the team!

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